Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meet Steve White

Well, it is PH Awareness Month, and truth be told I don't have a lot of pressing things to write about right now. Maybe that's because life is so full with other things... a nice problem to have. But still, I should spend the month doing something, right?

So, I thought it might be neat to bring you the story of others in the PH community who inspire me. I draw so much of my strength and drive from them... and it gets boring (and slightly self-indulgent) to write about my own experiences so much. The first is Steve's. The others are HERE.

So, without further ado, the first introduction.

Meet my friend and fellow Board of Trustees member, Reverend Steve White.

Steve is the chair-elect for the PHA Board of Trustees, and will take the helm this June at our 11th annual PHA International Conference (you are going, aren't you?)

Steve has been really important to the PH journey for many people. He lost his daughter, Christen, to the disease in 2002 and has turned their story into a way to help others (see why he is inspiring?).

More specifically and importantly, he often helps people understand and go through the grief process that is so often associated with the disease. When you have this disease, or know people who do, you loose people dear to you. A lot.

I remember when I first joined the Board, and realized how many people on there had lost someone they loved, and were carrying on the fight in their memory and honor. I often wonder if I would have the strength to do the same... it seems so raw. We have a lot to thank these people for, as they turn their grief and loss into strength and gain for our community.

You should know Christen's story too. But I should not be the one to tell it. Steve does it much better justice, and you can read all about her, and the importance of early diagnosis and pediatric research HERE.

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