Friday, February 22, 2013

Big News!

 Two pieces of news.

The first, personal. I got results back from a cardiac MRI today and my right ventricular function is normal. This means that the right side of my heart, the side effected by PH that used to be terribly compromised to a dangerous level is now functioning as expected for a healthy woman my age.

 Since diagnosis, it has never ever been normal.  I am a very happy camper. It means I have responded as well to the meds and my holistic methods as I feel I have. Sometimes I feel better than the medical evidence suggests I should - so this is nice to have them line up. My mom says it is also because I insist on good wine and great shoes. I don't think she's wrong. What it really means is I insist on doing the little things that make me happy... and I think that helps me heal too. Whatever the secret, it's working and I'll take it!

The second - for the community. Big big announcement out of PHA this week, and one I have been anxious to roll out since I have been working on it informally for a few years and much more formally for about a year. You can read about it HERE

The cool thing about fighting battles is that sometimes you win. Today feels like a win.